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                               RETAIL BONDS and CORPORATE BONDS

  Retail Bonds  and Corporate Bonds  are fixed income investments.

              WE HAVE BEEN ONLINE SINCE  Dec 29th 2011

"" raising finance for companies,investments for retail investors"

As more companies start to replace bank borrowings with other forms of borrowing retail bonds will significantly play their part.In the latest articles about finance April 2014 they all seem to imply that banks are still cutting back funding.Other ways of funding should be part of a finance directors remit.Retail bonds are and should be part of that remit.

The FIRST issue of  retail bonds 2014 is at    New BOND ISSUES page.

Although 2014 has been slow on issueing new retail bonds the interest in issuing them has grown.As the financial markets stabilise we expect more companies to come forward to issue them.The interest in raising finance in this way is still growing.Lack of knowledge by companies and some of their advisors are still holding back issues of this form of debt  this is still a relative new type of fund raising.

Over time we do expect it to grow substantially.

From initial enquiry to issue on average takes approx 3 months.

A report has just been issued (Nov 2017) by a leading Conservative Think Tank recommending that Retail Bonds has its own separate platform to trade on similar to the A.I.M. which will allow Retail Bonds to be traded on and for private investors to buy and sell coming under the F.C.A. and other regularity bodies but allowing companies to raise from £2.5 million upwards.

As in all things volumes in issues move up and down over a period of time.The growth in retail bonds will continue at some point as they are one of the simplest and clearest forms of raising funds, in the fact A) Company wants to raise funds over set period paying interest of set amount repayable balance on end of term.B) investor wants to invest and is happy at return +risk. C ) deal done by intermediatory qualified  team. CONTACT US TODAY IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO ISSUE RETAIL BONDS No Obligation  No high pressure.Straight forward,clear ,concise meetings at your discretion.

It is a straightforward 3 point equation.


Investing in Bonds.

To some finance directors raising finance other than through the banks is entirely new to them so they obviously will be very cautious as they move forward.This was always going to be the case.

As we are now progressing slowly from the Great Recession growth will be on many companies minds.As and when they start to invest is an individual choice.Planning ahead is important so thinking about raising finance is a foward thinking project.



All advice if required should be only from advisors regulated by the F.C.A.

As more investors look at making their own decisions in investing it is necessary that they can be assured of the validity of the sites they look at.We intend to be one of them.

contact us at   thankyou.

Investing in Companies.

As more companies look to raise finance to expand or replace bank financing they require teams that will give them the best advice to carry them through the procedure to consider issuing retail bonds to the actual issuing and marketing of the issue.We are at this point setting up teams to successfully achieve that result.We will inform you when completed.All involved will carry the necessary financial regulated registration where necessary.

contact us at thankyou.

Or if you wish email me direct at 

Interest in Retail Bonds takes off.

We are into the 5th year of the Retail Bond market and it is growing steadily which is the best way.For retail investors to put money into Retail Bonds they very often ,as they should,dip their fingers into the water and see how the market is developing.

Although issues of retail bonds have been low in 2015 it is expected the issues will start to grow as we enter 2016.

When they are feeling more secure and have monitored the developments they will then start to invest into the Retail Bonds when issued.Slowly but surely is the way to go.As the retail investor gains more experience they will invest more but one should always have a balanced portfolio and advise should be from a F.S.A. advisor which we always recomend.

Retail Bonds will provide for companies what banks have done previously but with a more better option for finance directors with regards for cashflow.

The Retail Bond market is now settling itself into the mainstream of Finance.As companies start to withdraw from asking banks for finance Retail Bonds and non bank lending  are filling the gap.Nonbanklending covers peer 2 peer ,crowdfunding and other forms of finance.

building society bonds

Bond Investing.          A fixed income investment.

As other forms of investment begin to offer less and less in returns Investor interest in Retail Bonds are growing rapidly.Ascertaining whether they are for you ,as an investor, and suitable for your balanced portfolio does take a little time in working out.But more interest grows daily as a form of investment here to stay.

With the Growing interest in Retail Bonds by private investors The London Stock Market launched a trading platform which enableded the liquidity and transparancy now required by private investors.The retail element of the bond market is growing fast.In 2010 it is estimated £1.8 billion of bonds were issued by companies and taken up by the private investor.

For those investors ,or companies seeking advice on issuing Retail Bonds ,Seminars will start to be arranged late spring early summer.

FOR THOSE WHO NEED TO KNOW WHAT A BOND IS we have put a link to wikipedia.      The Loan Market Association has as its key objective improving liquidity, efficiency and transparency in the primary and secondary syndicated loan markets .It is working to make the process more easier for companies to raise finance by the issue of bonds.

As we move towards the APRIL 5th Year ending more investors seem to be looking to include Retail Bonds in their Isa,s as most bonds seem to pay the coupon on them in total without taking off a 10% tax.

The stock market are considering reducing the size of the bond issue required to be on the order book for retail bonds.

The market for Retail Bonds in the U.K. at start of 2014  now stands at approx £4 billion.

The market in retail bonds for 2014 has been slow but we do see interest growing now as companies feel more secure to raise finance.


For new investors in Retail Bonds, as with all investments there is a risk.Advice if sought should always be taken from an Advisor regulated by the F.C.A.

Retail Bonds Expert.


For Current News as we obtain it go to Latest Retail Bond News.

Brokers and growing interest in Retail bonds.   

As the market is developing in the U.K. Brokers are looking to the Retail Bond market to increase their profitability and to enable bond issuers and  retail investors to have greater confidence in them.This can only be achieved over time and those with the right marketing tools will gain the greatest advantage and win the day.

The hard work comes in pointing out the advantages to the companies that are thinking of issuing retail bonds in the benefits to their cash flow.


The interest in RETAIL BONDS is growing amongst the investing public as deposit interest rates seem to be staying low for a considerable time and investors are now looking for better returns,against inflation.

What are the best retail bonds to buy ?

As with all investments experience, research and constructive advice from an advisor regulated by the F.C.A is at all times necessary.

Retail Bonds ,as we move into 2013, are gaining interest amongst companies and more enquiries are taking place about the procedure that is required by companies that wish to issue Retail Bonds as part of their debt structure.Some enquiries will lead to some companies not yet being in a position to issue Retail Bonds but their are many companies that are actively looking at issuing them.

"non bank lending"will now form a growing part of finance for businesses in the coming years as banks still tighten their lending and companies look to diversify their financial balance.Retail Bonds will form a growing part of this"non bank lending " for some companies.


It has been reported that fund managers are now offering funds specifically to include Retail Bonds and gilts in short term fixed interest situations.This has came about because their investor clients are looking for more fixed short term investments and more fund managers are obtaining permission to offer such funds.


As we progress out of the recession more companies that trade in Europe are looking to raise finance in Europe by issuing retail bonds.Interest in these are growing from retail investors in Belgium and Luxembourg.

The growth of Retail Bonds in Europe, as the same in the U.K, with bank lending tightening growth will start to develop into a substantial part of the market. 

 Financial Tax within some European Union Countries.

Eleven Countries within The European Union have agreed to a financial tax on the financial transaction of Bonds, Share Trades or bets on the Market using Derivatives.

The Countries within the E.U. are:-Austria,Belgium,Estonia,France,Germany,Greece,Italy,Portugal,Slovakia,Slovenia and Spain.

I.S.A.'S and Retail Bonds.

From April 2014 all retail bonds can now be included in I.S.A's

As with all forms of investment seek advice from a F.C.A. registered adviser.

EQUITY and Retail Bonds

From NOVEMBER 1st 2012 rules coming into force with regards equity (share) purchases have to be settled in 4 days.some market makers believe this will stop them dealing with small amount of shares with small and mid cap companies because of the fines involved if not settled within 4 days.

We at believe that more of the smaller and mid cap companies will now consider turning to the issue of retail bonds to raise capital therefore increasing the market substantially.

Regulations coming into force on Jan 1st 2013 will see lots of investors not getting advice from their banks unless they have over £100,000 to invest .Which will mean a lot of people who inherit up to that amount.As we have stated before investment advice will and should only be given by an advisor regulated by the F.C.A.Retail Bonds we think will in the future be a part of the smaller investors portfolio whether as a straight investment or in an I.S.A. or both.

Companies requiring advice on issuing Retail Bonds to raise a minimum of £2,000,000 please email  Thankyou.

Investors requiring  to be on our mailing list for information on future issues of Retail Bonds and information regarding Retail Bonds please email   Thankyou. All investors emailing us can be assured that we will keep all email addresses in house.They will not be passed on or sold to any third party.They will remain with Thankyou.Also emails will only be sent out when information is deemed necessary and or relevant  which means you will not necessarily get emailed every week like some sites send out information too regular.

For current Retail Bond Issues BOND ISSUES

Retail Bonds and their relationship with tightening Bank Lending

As the money markets tighten and lending to companies dry up there will be more companies consider the use of issuing Retail Bonds as a form of raising capital.It will in some ways give the aforesaid companies the borrowing base that they require to give them more stability and some companies may ,depending which type of business they are in offer their existing and new lenders access to discounts on their products so enhancing the relationship.

December 2012 and the bank lending is still tightening.

There are new ways of raising funds and investing in the economy to assist established and new entrepreneurs,            'non bank lending',    Raising Finance the Modern way.          Watch this site      for information in the very near future.

Companies are moving into a new phase and looking at restricting or minimilising their bank borrowings.

As the bank lending continues to diminish so more and more companies must be looking to raise capital by issuing retail bonds.This is a market that if well run will help lift the economies of the U.K. and Europe out of the mess they are in by building a base for good companies to start to flourish.

The issuing of retail bonds can give the companies the sustainability and cashflow that many of them truly desire.

The benefits that retail bonds are giving the private investor are that they can be purchased in smaller amounts than other bonds if they wish.The average minimum to date is in amounts of £1000.

Corporations and Retail Bonds.

There is a growing interest in Retail Bonds being issued by Corporations as markets for finance dry up.The Corporations should note however that straight forward behaviour and understandability by investors should be their priority.If Corporations try to issue Retail Bonds in not straight forward ways it will not only deter investors but will harm the relevant Corporation as being a bit devious and untrustworthy.Do not underestimate the intelligence of the investor.Corporations do so at their own peril.

The interest now growing amongst U.K. retail investors for new 'Retail Bond' issues.

The interest growing amongst U.K. retail investors for retail bond issues looks set to be satisfied by new issues that will come as British Banks are told to increase their capital balances.This will now only intensify companies requirements and appetites for issuing retail bonds for the investing public.

Bank lending decreasing and Retail Bonds growth.

As it now seems obvious that banks are tightening up on lending the interest in Retail Bonds is growing fast.Although this will not be suitable for all types of companies many should now be looking into raising finance in this way.

As companies feel more positive and assured that raising finance by issuing Retail Bonds to enable them to invest and grow.With some it will be an attitude of mindset change as they have always raised finance through overdrafts and bank loans.

With the right attitude of mind Retail Bonds will give companies the stability they have required for a long time but as with all types of finance Good Management is a priority.

Tightening bank lending now seems the norn so now we expect interest to grow very fast in Retail Bonds.

Banks seem to be in a situation that they do not want to get out of, that of not lending.The business of lendind to companies will now start to drift from them and in some ways they are going to lose a lot of the power they used to have.

Retail Bonds are going to fill a lot of that gap and in the end will remain so as investors and companies alike see their mutual benefits.Cashflow and long term investment (5 yrs on average).

For too long companies have been reliant on overdrafts and begging computerised bank managers for loans.Being more open with investors and having long term investment will not but be a good thing for companies.

Future Investment Requirements

As new reports come out advising companies that bank lending is being reduced and they must look for other ways of finance then Retail Bonds with become an established way of raising finance in the future.As companies adjust to raising finance differently from the old ways they will gain more confidence in going for public interest in providing this form of financing through Retail Bonds.

It will require a different way of dealing with lenders than with a bank loan.Information will be required to be in the public domain more.This will not be a problem for most companies as it should not be.

Loan reduction by the larger financial banking industry and how retail bonds will grow in attraction.

It is now noticable that the larger banking industry is making commercial loans or access to them and overdrafts difficult to get that are commercially viable for borrowers.

This will increase commercial customers to start looking elsewhere for finance and 'Retail Bonds' will start to take off as companies realise the stability they provide over the time they are arrranged for.Once they have issued bonds and found they beneficial for them it will remain a future way of financing.Also once investors get a feel for 'Retail Bonds in their portfolio and they give the investor what they require the to halves will come together and make 'Retail Bonds' a major part of the financial structure of the future.

Infrastructure Investment and Retail Bonds

It seems that tightening lending on infrastructure projects by many of those concerned in that lending criteria now will encourage the use of Retail Bonds in the access to capital they require.Long term lending via Retail Bonds in the Infrastructure projects to benefit society and the country will over a period of time be the norm.Well run and operated project management companies that are involved in Infrastructure Projects in the U.K will find attracting funds for said projects easier as Retail Bonds become more accepted in the overall funding of Infrastructure.

Retail bonds for sale.

Bit by bit companies are starting to get into retail bonds.Smaller companies are now looking to access private funds through Retail Bond issues.More will obviously follow.The change of using Retail Bonds by companies for funding in the future must be accompanied by retail investors following through and providing the funds.

As more companies start to offer retail bonds the ones, that will be taken up by retail investors are those traded on the stock exchange retail order book platform.

Some companies are offering retail bonds that are not traded on the stock exchange platform therefore making them not so liquid.

This site will now start to promote the use of Retail Bonds to the public to make them more aware of them as part of their future portfolio investments.The bank lendind is drying up and will dry up further so it is important that raising funds through retail bonds are balanced by investment funds for their purchase.

Chinese Retail Bonds(denominated in the remimbi,the Chinese currency.)

The first Retail Bonds denominated in the remimbi (Chinese currency) has taken place and is now on the London Stock Markets retail bond platform.Any payments made will be in remimbi.This retail bond was successful in completion and hopefully is the start of many in a similiar format.

The increasing cost of financing for Banks 

As things go increased financing for banks is making them pass on increased charges in interest rates to companies.It is therefore important that Retail Bonds are progressing in their implimentation to enable companies to raise finance not from the banks.Companies should not start to think seriously to raise money this way before bank finance gets too expensive or not available .Both seem plausable now.

Be Warned. Finance will become more difficult to obtain.  

WE will now start to make the investing public aware of Retail Bonds.


Retail Bonds ,are they what you want for financing? Are they going to replace bank debt or are they for future investment in the company? Is the company of the mindset that Retail Bonds will provide it with the stability in financing it requires? Is the finance team of the company of the mindset they can operate within the paramiters of Retail Bond financing. These are some of the questions the company should be asking.

We are in the process of building this site.It will be developed for use and be operational in the near future.


Are Retail Bonds what you want as part of your diversified investment portfolio? Can you stay with the investment in Retail Bonds for the length of the term of the retail bonds? Are the risks involved with Retail Bonds within your risk criteria?Are you happy investing in Retail Bonds? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself.

We are in the process of building this site.specifically for the U.K. It will list Infrastructure Companies based in the U.K.

RETAIL BONDS as part of a bigger portfolio of investments. 

As investment decisions change it is expected that retail bonds will start to take a more impressive part of investment decisions.They are however investment bonds that need to be kept clear and open in the information that is issued about them.As in any bond investment.

It is also assumed as investors start to get more confident of the economy and also in their own investment decisions Retail Bonds will start to become a mainstream investment instrument.With major banks getting rid of investment advisors for anyone who has less than £150,000 to invest it is wise for individual investors to start to familiarise themselves with investment procedures.The companies that hope to become successful in the Retail Bond market will be those that are straightforward,honest and keep investors up to date through the term of the investment.

Retail Bonds in an increasing volatile financial world.

The value that 'retail bonds' have in the volatile financial world we seem to be in will eventually be recognised by companies of giving them the stability they require within their financial structure whether they use a mixed financial structure to include overdrafts etc or to alter their financial structure to build in a substantial element of 'retail bonds' .

What are BONDS?

Bonds are a tradeable security that is issued be theborrower.The BOND issuer,often companies,issue the bonds and do represent a formal aggreement between both parties.The issuer and the lender.The aggreement is that the issuer will repay to the lender interest over the lifetime of thebond.The full amount that is borrowed will be paid in full at the set date which defines the redemption date.Interest is paid over the lifetime of the bond at set periods within that lifetime.Strict adherance to the set dates are important.

The capital ,the amount the borrower wishes to raise is known as the nominal value of the bond.It is also known as the principal or 'par value' and is the amount on which interest is paid which is generally paid annualy on commercial bonds but every six months on government bonds.

The coupon rate as it is known is the annual interest rate of the bonds in question.It determines the amount of interest that the bondholder receives from the bond issuer ,the borrower.

Companies that issue Retail Bonds.

Companies that issue retail bonds come from various types of business and can be listed on the various trading platforms with the Stock Exchange or can also be unlisted companies.

The Company that is the bond issuer not only raises its' profile by being more visable but in doing so creates a better relationship with customers,staff and the greater market.

Are Retail Bonds suitable for your company?

For Retail Bonds to be suitable for your company to issue, if you have not before, is the change in attitude of mind and the correct financial system in place with regards to the long term finance it brings.The difference being from that of relying on overdrafts.

With the issue of retail bonds you have more than one person that you have to consider in dealing with than just the bank manager that would be dealing with you in the case of a loan.You have to be more open to scrutiny and always be upfront on developments in order to retain trust and respect in order to access the funds of the same bond holders at a later date if you so require.

If this is what you want then you do need to consider issuing retail bonds for your long term growth,stability and control.It can help with the long term stability of the company by allowing better cashflow management.

To assist with the issue of 'retail bonds' a registrar is required.

Within the acknowleged 'Bond Market' the main number of entities issuing remain at 4

Sovereign Governments , issuing government bonds known as 'gilts'.They are isssued as a form of borrowing by their respective Governments.

Local authority bonds as they sound are issued by local government  entities such as borough councils.Being slightly lower grade credit  are not as liquid.

Supranational entities are Internnational bodies.the bonds they issue are to raise funds generally for development projects around the world.

Corporate bonds ,issued by public and private companies and are often considered a lower risk than shares in the aforementioned issuing company/companies as they take priority over shareholders.

Corporate Bonds

As retail investors get more experienced in risk evaluation so this market will grow.The facilitation of these type of bonds help companies to aid with cashflow relative to their investments in the business.

As businesses start to get a feel for forming relationships with long term Bondholders so the Market will grow but as in every relationship trust is a top priority and correct factual information must be supplied at all times .Company Bonds

Retail Bonds and House Buiding/ Associations

Changes to housing benefit payments will make Housing Associations that can look to Retail Bonds as a form of stable finance.Retail Bonds and Housing

As housing associations look at their fundraising capabilities within their whole projects stable financing is becoming imperative.With the new planning laws coming into operation and budget controls on charity giving depletes its income from that stability is upmost in chief executives minds.

With the housing in the situation it is ,it seems natural for housing associations to pick up the slack but as always things are not always straight forward.Whilst housing associations try to keep rents down to a sustainable level it is not always easy.

The growth of retail bonds could assist in this function if investors are willing to invest for long term income giving housing assosiations the long term stable finance they need.

Various types of retail bonds in the requirements of housing associations could attract ethical investors who consider sustainability and social enterprise up the top of their investment criteria.

The marketing of such possible ideas should start now as part of investor knowledge and allowing such investors to consider these ideas as part of any investment portfolio.By allowing investors to see the reasons housing associations may benefit from types of retail bond long term issues can only help the said associations attract the types of investors they want.

Retail Bonds and their tax status.

It is possible to include some types of Retail Bonds into I.S.A.s' and some types of Pension funds to remain tax free.These however have to be authorised by H.M.R.C.There are already some that are authorised already.

Local Authorities and Retail Bonds.

There are many local authorities within the U.K. that have developed strong credit ratings and are now looking at issuing Retail Bonds to raise capital from local residents as well as outside investors.

The bonds would raise capital to spend on local infrastructure projects therefore allowing local residents to assist in improving their local areas.

For more information as it comes in go to Local Auth.Retail Bonds

Retail Bonds are becoming to be more widely known and as we move out of the present tightening,which unfortunately is going to continue for bank lending , and into initial growth mode Retail Bonds will become more of the landscape in helping companies move forward.

We are also in the process of building a site to cover  type of Retail Bonds called mini bonds.The site will cover the U.K. and the European Union.

As successive Governments withdraw from their ability to invest in societies requirements so external investment starts to fill some of the gap.   This site will keep you up to date on present and future Impact Funds and projects.

As projects develop,which they are,they start to make adifference to people's lives.Helping others and making a difference makes life better for many.

We are in the process of entering discussions with an interested party that will enable this site to advise and  also help clients to deal in Retail Bonds that would be traded on the London Stock Exchange Platform for Retail Bonds. We will keep you informed as the progress of the talks complete.Thankyou.

Please Note.

We do not give advice or recommendations at this stage of site development.


For information regarding advertising on this site please telephone/ text  07814912060 or  telephone  +4401788540191 Thankyou .Financial legitimate businesses only please. We are based in the West Midlands in the United Kingdom.

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