Retail Bonds in the U.K. are issued​ under the regulatory framework of the U.K.

Financial Conduct Authority  and the Stock Exchange Order Book For Retail Bonds.

​When investing in Retail Bonds ,investors must take care as the credit profiles can

of bond issuers can vary immensely. Investors should look beyond yield and name 

familiarity and seek to understand the issuers financial strength and ability to repay

at the end of the term before they commit  any investment. Research  is what it is about when it comes to investing as it has always been.

​It is typical for a retail bond to pay a fixed coupon at regular interval

( say 6 months) and the investment at the end of the agreed term.

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What Really Matters

Retail bonds are not a new product but are now coming into their own as banks pull

back on commercial lending partly through

regulations and the structure of the market.

At this precise moment the money looking to be raised must be a minimum of

£30million although discussion is now taking place in Parliament to reduce  this to £5million.

Relevant Reading

The most important thing is to define your goals

The financial crisis approx. 10 years ago,which originated by sub prime loans, has left a funding gap of approx.  £35 billion within the U.K and a lot of this could be potentially filled by retail bonds.

What we all want is an

investment that increases in value and pays a regular dividend

Asset protection

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The above is for information only and does not constitute advice in any form.

You can obtain financial advice from one of our financial advisors if you wish.

​Only use Financial Advisors regulated by the F.C.A.

It is important that you only receive advice from a financial advisor regulated by the

​F.C.A. and the final investment decision must be yours.

The ORB ( operated by the Stock Exchange ) is an electronic order book​ which 

​allows private investors to buy and sell bonds .To have Retail Bonds traded on a 

transparent regulated market.